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Poretti Productions with RVA Canada is the Canadian broadcast reseller for Riedel Communications products in the broadcast market.

Riedel Communications designs, manufactures and distributes the pioneering real-time networks for video, audio and communications for broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports, theatre and security applications worldwide. The products reflect today’s leading-edge technologies that translate tomorrow's demands into today's solutions. The company also provides rental services for radio and intercom systems, event IT solutions as well as fiber-based and wireless audio & video transmission systems for large-scale events such as Olympic Games, Formula 1 races or World Cups. The Company was founded in 1987 and today employs over 350 people located within 12 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

MEDIORNET – Real-Time Media Network

 ·         ROCKNET – Digital Audio Network

·         RILINK – Global Fiber Service

·         CODE ONE – Mobile Streaming

         Fiber Accessories.

·         ARTIST – Digital Matrix Intercom


·         PERFORMER – Digital Partyline Intercom

·         ACROBAT – Digital Wireless Intercom

·         MOTOROLA – Professional Mobile Radio

·         Intercom Accessories

·         Headsets

Rob Poretti - RVA Canada

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RVA Canada Limited

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Toronto, ON

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Tel: (416) 299-6442


Toll Free: 1-866-782-6934

Fax: (416) 299-0214

Toll Free Fax: 1-866-877-7025