Sennheiser Canada - Techncial Consultant (July/2007 - Nov/2014)

Rob provided support to Sennheiser's partners - agents, consultants, system integrators, engineering groups and end-users - for the specification, design, deployment and support of RF systems.  Rob has gone through various Sennheiser Sound Academy programs and specialized in RF technologies for low-powered devices such as wireless microphones, in-ear monitoring systems, wireless IFB's and intercom - including new digital technologies.

Rob specializes in designing large, complex RF systems for broadcasters and large events, where requirements for multi-zone combining, facility-wide frequency coordination and systems integration are the norm.  He has worked closely with most of the major Canadian broadcasters to provide robust RF systems in their facilities:  CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre, CTV/Bell Media Agincourt facilities, RogersTV, Global Television and more. He has also provide similar system designs for a wide range of commercial installations such as Theaters, Auditoriums, Churches, Remand Centres, Casinos, Universities, Stadiums, etc.

Rob managed the Sennheiser service shop at the Vancouver 2014 Winter Olympics, where a team of RF experts provided technical support for IOC host broadcast partners during that time-frame. He has also consulted with Industry Canada regarding the 700 MHz digital transition, and the upcoming 600MHz transition.   He has also developed tools to determine Canadian DTV environments for 30 major cities:  Canadian RF Planning

Rob was also on the software development team as architect for the Professional Setup component of Wireless Systems Manager (WSM). WSM is Sennheiser's software tool for managing wireless devices and frequency coordination.  As part of that project he has collected spectrum allocation plans for many countries around the world, for WSM's Regional Grid Bar mechanism: a utility for managing spectrum plans.  For more information about WSM, see here:  Wireless Systems Manager.

RF Projects

Rob provided support to Sennheiser's partners - agents, consultants, system integrators, engineering groups - for the specification, design, deployment and support of audio conferencing systems for both Sennheiser and Televic. Audio conferencing integration is often a mufti-discipline affair with significant IT components. Rob's background in software development, and general IT infrastructures (networks, servers, storage systems, security) provides significant resources to the Sennheiser Team.

Product support include the Sennheiser 3000, 3200, WICOS, ADN and ADN-Wireless systems as well as Televic 2500, 5000, and 5500 series products. In addition, Rob is a Support Specialist for the Team Connect group of products which focus on telephony conferencing for small to medium size board rooms. Conference projects include, The City of Halifax, The City of Hamilton, The City of London, The City of Markham, The City of Vaughn, The University of Montreal, Quebec City, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Simcoe County, Middlesex County and many more...

Conferencing Projects

Rob's background as an audio engineering as well as his study in acoustics provides a solid background for supporting this product group. Studio control room acoustics was the nature of his first significant software development project. In addition, critical listening as a mastering engineer, cutting records and compact discs - as well as installing mastering equipment at the worlds' finest facilities, provide a context for what "sounds right" - and what doesn't.

Rob was factory trained by K & H and uses a calibrated computer measurement system, to optimize speaker installations in studio environments.

Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) (Jan/2011 - Dec/2014)

Rob was contracted to provide a new approach to professional frequency coordination in Wireless Systems Manager - Sennheiser's software tool for managing wireless devices and frequency coordination. The Professional Set-up component was completely redesigned to accommodate complex coordinations for large wireless systems that included multi-brand devices in a graphically intuitive software environment. Professional set-up features a unique RF charting tool that allows the user to re-configure for any television system in the world and any RF environment. Rob was involved as the main architect as well as GUI designer, and was also the main developer for the Regional Grid Bar schema and the XML/XSL standards for reporting.

Rob also developed WSM Forums, a private web-site for the WSM development and beta-test team. For more information on WSM see here: Wireless Systems Manager.
Rob constructed and manages the WSM Forums web-site - a private portal for the WSM software development team and beta-test team.The portal features a repository for RGB files, device files, scans and similar downloadable resources.  It also includes an article system and a forum for the beta-test team. For more information on WSM Forums see here: WSM Forums.