RF Project Engineering for Wireless Mics, In-Ear Monitoring, IFB, and Wireless Intercomm Systems

Rob can provide a wide range of RF engineering and support services for numerous industries:

  1. RF Engineering support for tour and large event planning:
    Rob has prepared tour planning (spectrum and device/range planning and frequency coordinations) for various regions in Europe, the Pacific Rim and the United States for music touring acts and touring entertainment entities like CIrque du Soleil.  He has researched the spectrum allocation plans for most countries around the world as part of his role with Sennheiser's Wireless System Manager.  (WSM)  He also maintains a Canada DTV database for cross-Canada touring.

  2. Frequency coordination and spectrum planning for multi-brand device deployments:
    Rob has prepared complete frequency coordination for any range of manufacturer devices including facility-wide coordinations in multi-zone combined venues.  This includes wired and VHF/UHF wireless intercom, IFB systems, analog FM and digital RF microphones, DECT and 2.4GHz wireless intercom.

  3. System design for large distributed antenna systems for multi-zone building coverage in large broadcast, commercial and institutional buildings.
    Rob has consulted with numerous engineering firms and system integrators to build large RF systems for television broadcasters, auditoriums, remand centres, hospitals, universities, civic centres, etc.

  4. System Troubleshooting and Project Consulting:
    Rob can perform spectrum scans and determine/document your device allocations - including validating frequency coordinations - in the event of problematic or unreliable performance. 


Please contact Rob below, with details on your particular project - or -  if you would like details on recent projects and current installations.

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