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This area outlines Rob's direct experience working with production, broadcast, archiving and software products - over three decades of work in the industry.  Only items where direct operational experience is listed.

Rob worked in various recording studios in the Toronto area as a music producer/recording engineer and operated Neve 8028's and 8078's, MCI 400, 500 and 600 series, SSL 5000 Series, Sony MXP-3000 and numerous Soundcraft consoles. 

Later as a sales representative/manager at Adcom, he distributed and sold the Neotek brand (Elite, Elan, Essence and Encore) Yamaha digital consoles, the ground-breaking AMS Logic 1 and Logic 2 (prior to AMS setting up their own Canadian offices) and the TOA is11000 digital console.

During the Sascom years Rob represented Raindirk analog consoles, Lafont analog consoles for the film and television broadcast markets and Soundtracs
(now Digico)

Rob began his career when digital workstations were first intoduced.  At that time Digidesign had just released Sound Tools while working at Saved By Technology.

When moving to Adcom, Rob represented IMS Dyaxis (prior to Studer purchasing the company) as well as the AMS Audiofile - one of the very first true multi-track workstations.  The Audiofile became the standard in Canada for commercial post-production.  When AMS was purchased by Neve, Rob became the Canadian Sonic Solutions representative and Adcom became the second largest Sonic dealer int he world after Studio Consultants in New York.  Sonic was sold extensively in post-production, mastering and multi-track environments - in addition to the well established restoration and forensic markets. Rob started the post-diploma program at Fanshawe College and specialized in digital workstations and post -production. 

During the Sascom years Rob represented Augan - and Dutch manufacturer of a magneto-optical recording system as well as the HDA/Cube-Tec "AudioCube."  The AudioCube became the new standard for audio restoration and CD mastering/prep.  Many of the top North American mastering facilities used the AudioCube and continue to use it today.  (Example installations:  Bernie Grundman Mastering, Sterling Sound, Capitol Records, etc... see here for a partial list.)

Rob currently represents Cube-Tec in the media archiving markets which have a suite of tools of audio and video digitization, file based workflow tools used for automated quality control, transcoding, metadata processing and more.  (Example installations:  Library of Congress, National Archives, LIbraries and Archives Canada, etc... see here for a partial list.)

As a recording engineer, Rob worked with all the classic/vintage microphones available during the late 70's and early 80's. Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, etc.  Of course along with that all the standard complement of mics from Sennheiser, Shure, Electrovoice, etc,  Rob owns a number of Sennheiser, AKG and Electrovoice mics.

For a number of years, Rob was the Canadian distributor of the Calrec Soundfield - one of his personal favorites.  During his work with Sennheiser he was a product specialist for the Neumann Digital series of mics and counts the D-01 as the all time favorite modern production microphone.

Speakers - coming soon.  SOTA, Yamaha, Paradigm, K & H (Neumann) - and more...

Digital Audio Processing Equipment - coming soon.  Lexicon, Eventide, AMS, Yamaha, Sony, Roland.

Analog Audio Processing Equipment - coming soon.  Neve, Pultec, API, Urei, etc.

Audio Production Software - coming soon.

Wireless Systems - coming soon.

Intercom Systems - coming soon.

Fiber Optic Systems - coming soon.

Video Recorders/Players/Servers - coming soon.

Video Switchers/Routers - coming soon.

NLEs - Video Production Software - coming soon.

Mastering Tools - coming soon.

Digital Cinema - coming soon.

Media Archiving - coming soon.

Media Archiving - coming soon.

Media Archiving - coming soon.

Music and Computer Music - coming soon.

More - coming soon.