Cube-Tec - Conventions and Conference Papers - Abstracts & Downloads

"QUADRIGA - The Leading Archives Solution" - May 5th, 2007

Cube-Tec presents the latest version of QUADRIGA, the world standard in automated quality controlled audio archival systems. QUADRIGA workstations are capable of simultaneously capturing multiple mono, stereo, or multichannel sources. The presentation shows the ingest process, Cube-Workflow/DOBBIN integration, and explains the new RF64/MBWF capabilities.

"World Class Noise Reduction for Pro Tools" - May 6th, 2007

Cube-Tec audio restoration and mastering tools (VPI's) are used by some of the world's most prestigious facilities. This presentation covers a selection of restoration VPI's that have recently been converted for use on the Digidesign Pro Tools platform. The presentation will include tools for hum & buzz removal, noise reduction, de-crackling, disturbance tone removal, and much more.
"Automated Workflows in Mass Audio Archiving" - June 29th, 2007
Migrating large audio archives represents a daunting task. Once the archive is cataloged, assessed and prioritized for preservation activities, managing an efficient transition to a digital carrier poses its own sets of challenges. This paper investigates computerized solutions for the mass-migration of analog and digital archival media, to mass-storage systems.

Processes covered include:
  • Importing legacy data to generate work-flows and system jobs.
  • Digitization of analog material with quality analysis.
  • Using quality analysis meta-data to drive automatic batch processes.
  • Using batch-processing to generate multiple derivatives.
  • Reporting and Exporting meta-data to the Preservation database.
Some archival media lend themselves to more efficient ingest strategies. For example, by their nature, optical media archives can be transferred at many times "real-time". New technologies now allow for faster than real-time transfers for analog media as well. The paper will investigate the ramifications of:

  • Multiple stream digitization - up to 8 simultaneous devices.
  • Ingest speeds from 1/8th to 8x real time.
  • Forward/Reverse digitization for cassettes and 1/4 track reels.
  • Multi-channel digitization up to 8 channels per stream.
Mass digitization strategies have their own sets of challenges. Operators need specialized tools to manage multiple streams simultaneously, especially when they originate from different media types. Purpose built monitoring functions required for digitizing in reverse, or high-speed ingest, will be investigated. When the digital master is created, browsing copies and other derivatives may be required on a timely basis or in an automated fashion. This paper examines an approach to an extensible automated batch processor for digital archives that integrates into the entire archive system.


"From Ingest to Website: Creating a Preservation Master and Automating On-line Access" - May 30th, 2009

Creating proper digital preservation master can be a difficult task for many archives. Creating derivatives and placing them onto a web server along with the necessary meta-data for search engines and local database access requires IT expertise often not available to small archives. This paper examines a software solution (DOBBIN) that automates moving newly ingested audio materials to a preservation master repository, and creates browsing copies for intranet/internet web-sites and moves them, along with their associated meta-data, to web-servers. This XML based meta-data can allow a web-application or web-service to automatically create web-pages accessing those derivatives, providing a complete “input-to-output” solution with a minimum of human interaction.

The automated workflows investigated include:
  • quality analysis of audio recordings derived from QUADRIGA.
  • CD Inspectors, and 3rd party digitization.
  • defining valid preservation master criteria for quality analysis and other automated workflows.
  • creating MD5 or FSC check-sums for valid preservation masters.
  • moving preservation masters to primary and secondary repositories & testing check-sum validity.
  • using quality analysis meta-data to drive automated derivative creation.
  • automated derivative testing using recursive psycho-acoustic comparisons.
  • exporting meta-data to the preservation/library or legacy databases.
  • defining criteria for creating automated reporting for any work process.


"Dobbin Case Studies: Processing Workflows in Audio Archiving" - May 21th, 2010

Large archives have a massive task organizing media, prioritizing ingest activities and managing ongoing ingest processes all while maintaining quality control. Managing the metadata flow throughout these processes can also be daunting.

Cube-Tec provides various software tools that manages the complete audio archive ingest life-cycle:

1)     Workflow Management
Cube-Workflow employs Business Process Modelling (BPM) technology and allows a facileties unique workflow requirements to define the application processes.  In turn, Cube-Workflow manages the complete Cube-Tec software suite:  QUADRIGA, Dobbin, and Media Inspectors.

2)     Digitization Workstations
A bi-directional interface from Cube-Workflow to QUADRIGA, Dobbin and Media Inspectors allow for a complete control of an archives resources –assets, ingest processes, QA, reporting.  This interface provides real-time progress reports of on-going activities facilitating efficient supervision of all workflows.

3)     Metadata Workflow
Metadata smoothly moves from legacy databases to the Cube-Workflow hub - and then distributed to Cube-tec’s application suite – at ingest or during post-processing, metadata can be updated and processed

4)     Quality Analysis Management
QUADRIGA and Dobbin provide complete a QA solution and provides feedback to Cube-Workflow via a web-based reporting system.

5)     Reporting Systems
Cube-Workflow and Dobbin provides a wealth of ingest specific reports and statistical information that help you manage you workflows, media assets and facility resources more effectively.


"Six Sigma & the Lean Factory: Approaches for Media Ingest and Processing" - November 5th, 2010

In times of tight budgets the mass transfer of legacy media carriers is neither efficient enough nor does it meet the quality requirements necessary to preserve our cultural heritage. Existing tools are still not flexible enough to handle the variety of problems occurring in the transfer of legacy media carrier formats. A lot of these problems are still demanding manual handling and decision making, which includes manual preworking, manual tasks when controlling and monitoring and finally a complex and time consuming effort for the quality control of the final outcome.

We are in need of innovative analysis techniques; more intelligent and more flexible workflow controls; better tools for process and quality visualization. In order to allow the re-use of best practice approaches a unification of existing process models is required. Based on the products QUADRIGA, Dobbin, Cube-Workflow and Calibration-Inspector new and innovative solutions are presented and discussed on the basis of customer implementations.


"Audio Analysis and Processing in Multi-Media File Formats" - May 14th, 2011

This paper will present solutions for processing audio streams within multi-media file formats. Using Cube-Tec software tools, we will explore approaches to analyze, process, and extract audio streams and associated metadata from audio-visual files.

Workflow examples include:
  • demuxing audio and video elementary streams.
  • transcoding audio and video streams within stream or wrapped formats.
  • managing audio loudness processing and metadata
  • conditional audio processing based on file analysis.
  • updating metadata for derivative generation, and more.
  • Client based case studies will also be explored.


"Quality Control Services for Media Factories using FIMS" - April 17th and 19th, 2012

In partnership with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and the AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association) Cube-Tec will demonstrate the orchestration of interoperable media services with its brand new service orchestration engine. As one of the first companies being able to present media services which already support the FIMS specifications (Framework for Interoperable Media Services), Cube-Tec International will demonstrate the orchestration of globally distributed media services including a fully automated service for loudness corrections in compliance with EBU R 128, ITU-R BS.1770-2 and ATSC A/85 which contains the requirements for the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act).

Cube Workflow 2.0 scalable process design and automation with support for streamlined human workflows Quality assurance framework for media factories to supervise media, metadata and process quality Open standards Media SOA (FIMS) with BPMN2.0 graphical process design and automated process execution Remotely controlled agile media factory with HTML5 based web browser user interfaces Optimized loudness correction according to the ITU-R BS.1770-2 standard with support for EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 recommended practice (basis for the CALM Act)