Cube-Tec North America LLC

Cube-Tec was brought to North America by the Sascom Marketing Group - where Rob was a partner and appointed as the digital technology specialist.  Initially, branded as Spectral Design and sold through Houpert Digital Audio, Cube-Tec's products were focused on professional mastering and restoration markets.  Although, these technologies had been developed over a significant time-frame, the opportunity to market them in North America came as a result of Sonic Solutions re-prioritization on the emerging DVD market. However, the success was not just the result of the gap left by Sonic - but the fact that Cube-Tec's real-time DSP was superior in performance, breadth of applications and audio quality.  Soon, the top mastering and restoration facilities in North America were switching to the AudioCube:  Bernie Grundmann Mastering, Sterling Sound, Gateway Mastering, Capital Records, Chace Audio etc. were converting their production systems to Cube-Tec's platform.

During this time-frame, audio and video archiving was switching from analog to digital carriers and as hard drive based storage systems became more affordable, archives went from tape/disc media to computer media. But the most critical stage in the archive process is the original transfer from the analog to the digital "eternal carrier" - and failure to execute this properly significantly compromises the integrity of the archive. This was compounded by the sheer size of analog archives requiring digitization and the expertise required to deal with older media formats - not to mention the scarcity of playback devices required to perform the work.  In order to optimize digitization processes Cube-Tec  - in conjunction withe IRT and German broadcast groups - developed QUADRIGA:   "QUality from Analog to Digital RIGorously Analyzed".

QUADRIGA automates many digitization processes while simultaneously analyzing the incoming audio stream for both content defects and transcription defects - which include media defects, playback device irregularities and signal chain problems.  These events are time-stamped and can be exported as well as stored in the quality chunk of the BWF format.  QUADRIGA also collects a wide range of audio related  statistical metadata for the duration of the recording.– all of which are also logged into a quality report.  QUADRIGA quickly became the archive standard for audio digitization.

Cube-tec quickly developed additional software tools to handle a wide range of legacy media and file-based processing.  DOBBIN is an automatic audio processing and rendering solution, used for large on-line media centers, studios and archives.  CubeWorkflow is a comprehesive software suite that provides sophisticated workflow automation and management of both process and media in any environment.  Using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) CubeWorkflow 2.0 is a collaboration framework technology of highly modular, loosely coupled software components. Systems are assembled precisely to client demand and thanks to the latest web portal technology and other open standards interfaces able to be easily integrated into existing client infrastructures.

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Rob has worked closely with a wide range of media archives including some of the largest in the world.  Media formats range from the earliest used in recorded audio to borne-digital AV media files.  The environment context is equally diverse: from small private collections, to moderate college/university archives - and of course to the national libraries and museums.  As a professional audio and broadcast engineer, expertise in legacy formats is essential.  Rob first worked as a mastering engineer:  starting in tape, and lacquer cutting and finally CD.  He has also worked in world-class studios as a recording engineer and music producer and owned his own recording studio that has evolved from multi-track tape to Digital Audio Workstations.  More to come...

Workflows in preservation and archiving activities can be broken down into human processes and file-based processing; both are integral to modern archive workflow.  Rob has been involved in designing workflows for a wide range of clientele that operate in different market sectors:  government entities, university archives, broadcast facilities and media companies.  Each market sector had a number of variables relating to not only staffing but equipment and network infrastructures.  Archive staffing range from library sciences students at universities to broadcast media professionals - and everything in between.  Workflows are optimized not just with staff requirements but with equipment requirements that are largely limited by budget restrictions. Restrictions on IT resources and network infrastructures can also affect the workflow approach:  Rob has developed solutions employing local storage, network storage, cloud storage and various combinations.

Cube-Tec has complete solutions for file-based workflows that intrinsically account for human activities.  Tools are designed with open standards like Business Process Modeling.

 More to come..

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